soymart industries manufactures best quality soyabeans, tofu and all soy products in India.

Why Soymart Industries ?

Soymart Industries is a known name since its establishment for their fresh & healthy tofu, soyabeans and all their soy products under the brand name "Soymart".

Soymart Industries

We are proud manufacturer, exporter & wholesale supplier of fresh, tasty and healthy soyabeans, tofu and soy products.

Soymart fresh and healthy tofu, soy products are increasingly enjoyed by health conscious people. They are now widely available at all major supermarkets, departmental stores and health food stores as well as being supplied to all renowned hotels, restaurants, chefs and catering specialists.

We are quality lovers and this we portray well in our strictness towards maintaining our soy products quality. Every product lot is examined on several food quality and safety parameters before getting delivered. We maintain a large stock of product line in order to meet daily and urgent needs of buyers on time.

100% Vegan

Our soyabeans, tofu is a 100% plant-based product therefore suitable for all vegetarians.

High in Protein

Soy products is high in protein. It also provides fats, carbs, and variety of vitamins and minerals.

Natural & Fresh

Fresh and Healthy, we only use fresh ingredients. Free of anything synthetic or artificial.

Gluten Free

Soy itself is gluten-free. Our soyabeans, tofu's from soy, both of which are gluten-free.

"Soymart" Tofu are very Softier, Whiter, Tastier and Odourless... Fresh & Healthy !