best quality soyabeans, tofu and soy products

Quality Assurance

Soymart Industries is adhere to the highest levels of food safety and work continually on developing and improving our quality assurance system. With a dedicated quality assurance team and a strong focus on the food regulations required, we have developed a food safety program that stands behind the integrity of our products.

Through continual development of our processes, and a strong focus on safe food and allergen management, we see our systems directly in line with all of the major food manufacturers. When it comes from Soymart Industries, you know that the products are at a standard that can be relied upon.

Our Quality Assurance Department has world class testing facilities to check quality of raw material, packaging material, packing material and finished goods must ensured. Our quality standards are at par with the requirements of FDA regulations.

100% Vegan

Our soyabeans, tofu is a 100% plant-based product therefore suitable for all vegetarians.

High in Protein

Soy products is high in protein. It also provides fats, carbs, and variety of vitamins and minerals.

Natural & Fresh

Fresh and Healthy, we only use fresh ingredients. Free of anything synthetic or artificial.

Gluten Free

Soy itself is gluten-free. Our soyabeans, tofu's from soy, both of which are gluten-free.

"Soymart" Tofu are very Softier, Whiter, Tastier and Odourless... Fresh & Healthy !